2019 coronavirus CDC image

Dear Valued Customers:

Obviously we are in an unprecedented time with the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. I want everyone to know that at Mobile Accounting, Inc., I am committed to still serving you, the client, in addition to respecting the guidelines that have come down from our government officials and the CDC. I am as of now still able to assist with all of your tax and accounting needs through conference calls, email, and over the phone. Feel free to reach out to me and we can get all of your needs done.

Also note that as of now the IRS is still encouraging all filers to file individual and c corp returns by April 15 deadline. However the IRS is allowing individuals to extend payment out till July 15 so if you owe taxes you now have 3 additional months to pay what is owed or set up an appropriate payment plan. Also at this time you can still file extensions out to October 15th.

Any questions contact me.

Eric Mason
Owner, Mobile Accounting, Inc.